I will be honest, I had heard the term Net Neutrality before, but it didn’t really peak my interest like it did recently. After being fully educated on the topic, I feel as though more people nowadays should know about this topic and how it could possibly affect them in the future. 

If you don’t know about Net Neutrality, I think this video by Illustrate to Educate, explains the topic well and explains the pros and cons without being biased.

Now why does any of this matter? In my opinion, I think that a person’s ability to be able to receive and convey information shouldn’t be something that is dependent on how much they make. I think that the worry of these ISPs (internet service providers) possibly favoring certain sites and content is valid. They could make it harder for certain content to be accessed, content that could be against what they favor, and content that may not be important to them, but important to someone else, which is exactly why they shouldn’t have the ability to control that.

Everyone uses the internet now, even the elderly are trying their best to adjust to the world that we live in today, and that involves the internet. I don’t think that anyone should have the right to be able to decide which sites get a favorable connection and on top of that charged. There already is a preexisting divide in the access for lower-class families to be able to obtain information, and with net neutrality, this issue is increased tenfold. Schools nowadays are making a shift into this new digital age, which may sound exciting, but for lower-class families, it may be another bill to struggle with. It puts people in lower-class families at a disadvantage when they can’t afford this kind of technology, and retain information that is vital for continued education and access to resources.

If you were to take away Net Neutrality it only puts them more at a disadvantage. They won’t have the same amount or kind of access as someone from a higher-class family. People should be able to have the same kind of access no matter class level, income, or area. It is important to maintain net neutrality for those who are already at a disadvantage and may not be able to speak for themselves on this issue. Net neutrality is a necessary right and it is important to maintain that right for all who use the internet.

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