Similar to my post about my media diary, embarrassingly enough I have never thought about what data I share with the types of media I come across. To prove how much I really didn’t know is that when websites would ask about accepting cookies, I would always agree just because I saw the word cookies and thought: “How cute!”. Eventually one of my classes informed me what a cookie actually was and now I’m a little more careful with what I’m accepting and allowing online. But in terms of media, sometimes I feel like I agree blindly. So this was really interesting to think about. For this post, I will be going through one of my usual work days, I don’t go through as much media, but since I will be focusing less on the media aspect and more on the information/data I am providing to these different platforms.

6:00 AM: TikTok

From my previous post, we can definitely come to the conclusion that I have a bit of a TikTok addiction. I like to play a game called Valorant, so in the morning, I get a lot of Valorant clips. I’m assuming since I like Valorant, Tiktok assumes that I’m also into watching Twitch streamers which isn’t false. I do follow a few streamers so it makes sense that I also get clips from various streamers, sometimes streamers I haven’t even heard of, but I don’t mind it. I have a really big crush on Vinnie Hacker, so it pushes a lot of his content, sometimes little fan videos of him, and compilations, but sometimes it can be a tad cringe.

6:30 AM: Snapchat

This would be around the time I start heading to work, I don’t have a car so I normally Waymo to work. While in the car I like to look at Snapchat. To even have Snapchat, at least back when I first signed up when it was just starting, you needed to sign up with an email address, so I know for sure they have my email. But thinking about it now I’ve given Snapchat a lot of other information about myself. I have an interest in astrology (I wouldn’t call myself an expert, I just think it’s fun to read about), and Snapchat has this feature where if you put in your birthday they’ll give you a full birth chart for free. But for it to be an accurate birth chart it needs to know the place you were born and the exact time of when you were born. On top of that, I share my location with my friends on Snapchat, so they have access to my location when I am using the app.

9:00 AM: Instagram

Around 9 is when I get my break at work, but it’s only a 10-minute break, so I don’t like to watch anything too lengthy, which is why Instagram is perfect for this time. I scroll through my feed and it’s normally a mix of people who I follow and content Instagram thinks that I like. Recently I got back into crochet, I cannot pinpoint when Instagram started to do this, but it has been pushing a lot of crochet reels my way. Which I don’t mind, cause sometimes it’s a mix of little crochet tutorials for free, tips, or creators just showing off their creations. I recently made my boyfriend this crochet sprout for his gaming headset.

1:30 PM: Twitter (X)

Twitter or X (I genuinely don’t think I can ever call this app X), I what I like to scroll through after work when I’m heading back home to work my second job. I know I’ve given Twitter my email address, and birthday, so they do know that I am around my mid-twenties. Twitter knows that I have an interest in Pop culture, so even though I don’t follow several of these accounts, I always get the scoop on what’s going on with celebs. Currently, the new hot tea is Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s divorce. The app also knows that I am a fan of Taylor Swift, I do follow her but I’ve never liked any of her tweets, but I get a lot of tweets pushed to me about her new album, or just photos of her. Twitter is also where I find out what’s going on in the world. It tends to push content that is more democratic since I lean more to the left, so that’s the kind of information that it gives me.

9:00 PM : More TikTok!

After my first job, I normally like to take a small nap before going to my next job, and when I’m done with my second job I normally do some homework. When I’m done with homework it’s normally about time to unwind and get ready for bed, and of course, I like to scroll onto TikTok when I’m lying in bed. TikTok definitely knows I have a minor shopping addiction, Around the time I go to bed, a lot of my TikToks I get have things from the TikTok shop linked, and I have definitely purchased from the TikTok shop more than once. I recently got these lovely lip tints. In my opinion, they are way better than Benefit’s Rose lip tint and not as expensive. It knows I have an interest in makeup, fashion, and similar to Instagram reels, crochet. So it pushes a lot of makeup content and clothes, and every so often those TikToks have links to the TikTok shop, and I sometimes make a purchase in my bed… Yes. I don’t know how but TikTok does know I’m in a relationship and will push content for date ideas, or just cute (sometimes cringe, but I think that’s what makes it fun sometimes). I looked up one restaurant one day on TikTok that was a hot date spot where I live, so I’m assuming because of that it knows an estimate on my location and assumes that I have a boyfriend which isn’t wrong.


I would say that these platforms know my interests well. Every platform I go onto, I go onto every day, and it’s for a reason. I like the content that is curated for me, nothing is ever something I’m not interested in. I think that’s why I find it so addictive. I would say the one thing I will reconsider is how often I make purchases on TikTok shop. Since TikTok does have my interests down almost perfectly, it’s hard for me not to want to keep purchasing, them because they are things that I like, and I have the extra money for it. But I have things that I have been saving up for, and it’s obvious TikTok knows that I like to buy things, that’s why it keeps showing me TikToks with things I can purchase. So if there’s one thing that I would try to stop buying things off of TikTok. The second thing that I will be doing is probably stop sharing my location with as many apps as I do, such as Snapchat. I looked into my phone settings as well, and there is way more apps that have my location at all times even when I’m not on that app. I’ll be going through it and using my best judgment as to which shouldn’t have my location, which should have it when I’m using the app, and which apps I don’t mind having my location at all times, which will probably be very few apps. All in all, it was very enlightening just to make these connections that I didn’t know about before.

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