I rarely ever think about my media consumption. Over the course of this week, I have realized I consume a large amount of media on a day-to-day basis, starting from right when I wake up, to basically up until I fall asleep. But I feel as though that’s most people nowadays. I work two jobs; four days out of the week I find myself working at both jobs and two days out of the week I work one or the other. So I will be covering my media consumption on my day off since the other days I don’t consume nearly as much as I do when I am off.

7:00 AM: Twitter (X) and TikTok

Now I know you must be thinking, it’s my day off why in the world is she willingly getting up at 7 AM? But it’s my sleep schedule. Due to the fact that I work mornings at Starbucks, I still casually wake up at an early time. I check my notifications, if anyone texted or called me. Most of the time it’s no, but for whatever reason it’s the first thing my mind goes to when I wake up. I then immediately scroll on social media, it’s a mix of Twitter (I guess I should be saying X now), and TikTok. I like to keep up on the latest Valorant Esports updates on Twitter, and TikTok doesn’t take much energy. Eventually, I do end up falling asleep.

9:00 AM: Spotify

Once I wake up again, I like to listen to music to get my day going. I usually take a shower with my music running in the background. The music helps me get into a good mood to start my day. My music taste is all over the place, I’ll be playing Taylor Swift one moment, then Snoop Dogg the next moment, which I personally think is a very interesting mix of genres.

I’ve recently been obsessed with this song called Isekai by RJ Pasin.

Isekai is an anime subgenre of fantasy, where the main character is transported from their world into a new world. I think this song really captures that feeling and it brings a nice start to my day even though it is short. I found RJ Pasin’s music randomly one day while scrolling through TikTok and I haven’t stopped listening to him since. I continue to listen to only listen to music while continuing my hair routine.

10:00 AM: Discord, Video Games, and Twitch

Assuming I don’t have to do a billion errands on my singular day off when I’m out of the shower and have had something to eat, I log onto my computer and check my Discord server. I like to respond to what my friends are saying, react to anything funny, and comment on anyone’s clips if they have posted anything. I see if my friends are awake and if they are we start playing Valorant. Depending on how the games go we’ll keep playing only Valorant, but the second I get a little too frustrated or if my friends get a little too tilted, I like to log off of Valorant and play something a little more chill. I’ve been really obsessed with the game Little Witch in the Woods. The title of the game sums up what it’s mostly about, but to go into detail, you are a little witch in the woods who is trying to rebuild a town. You make and sell potions and speak to the townspeople on a day-to-day basis. It’s very light-hearted and fun. In the background, if I’m not listening to music, I have someone’s Twitch stream playing in the back. I really like to watch QuarterJade or Vinnie Hacker.

2:00 PM: Read Ao Haru Ride

Now don’t get me wrong, there are some days off where all I do is literally just be online on Discord, and play video games, but that wouldn’t exactly be a very interesting and in-depth media diary. There are days when I do like to log off of Discord. On those days I like to read some manga. Currently, I’ve been reading this manga called Ao Haru Ride, translated into English which means Blue Spring Ride. I am a sucker for romance, and it tells the story of Futaba who gets a second chance with her first love. I originally found this series first as the anime adaptation, but they didn’t finish the story. I wanted to know how it ended so I bought all 13 books of the manga. I am currently halfway done with the series and am very happy with my purchase of the manga.

3:00 PM: Netflix and Crochet

After taking some time for myself I usually like to go and hang out in the living room with my roommates. We all like to do little crafts, so we spend our time in the living room crocheting together, or scrolling through Etsy for our next project. Currently, I’m working on this lovely cardigan since fall is coming closer. With our patterns ready we all gather around and watch a show together on Netflix. The current show we are watching is called Heartstopper. It’s a coming-of-age show about Nick and Charlie, who come to find out that maybe their friendship is something more.

6:00 PM: TikTok, Instagram, Threads, Snapchat, and other Notifications

Yes, more TikTok. I like to scroll on both TikTok and Instagram while making dinner. Helps the time pass by depending on what I’m making. I get a lot of cat videos on TikTok, occasionally a Valorant clip here and there. While eating I like to check my notifications again, to see if anyone texted me. Usually on my day off, I don’t get many texts or calls from people since the few people I interact with the most are my roommates, and around this time of day, we are usually all home. I also use this time to people’s Instagram and Snapchat stories and eventually go back to TikTok.

7:30 PM: Watch Anime on Crunchyroll

I absolutely love anime and will make sure that there is time out of my day to catch up on the shows I’m watching. There are 2 ways to watch anime. There are subbed versions, which means it is the original Japanese audio with English subtitles, or there are dubbed versions, where the audio is English. In my opinion, the subbed versions are better (it’s a very strong opinion, but an opinion nonetheless), which means when I’m watching anime, I concentrate only on the anime. If I look away for one second, I have to rewind the anime since I unfortunately do not understand Japanese. Maybe one day but that day is not today. The anime I’m currently watching is Season 2 of Jujutsu Kaisen, Zom 100, and I have decided to rewatch Fairy Tail from the beginning.

10:00 PM Yes, even more TikTok

When it’s time to wind down for the day, I of course like to end it with more TikTok. TikTok is definitely the social media platform I use the most. This can sometimes be a bad thing because, with the recent addition of the TikTok shop, I am just too easily swayed to buy things. Since I do check TikTok more than once a day, I have noticed my TikTok for you page shows me specific things at specific times. Around this time I get more TikToks of people trying things out from TikTok shop, which depending on how badly I want to try whatever their trying, or want to see if what people are saying is true I end up buying random little things like chamoy gushers. But don’t worry there is still the occasional cat TikTok mixed in till I randomly, and eventually fall asleep.

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