Fact-checking is important nowadays in the times of social media. On any platform that you go on, there is a chance that what you are seeing is false. I have been a victim of believing false information, and because of that, I know how to check my sources. Though I am human, to this day, sometimes I still find myself seeing something online and rolling with it.

A hot topic currently is climate change, people have many different views on it. There is false information about climate change on any platform that you go to, and because of that, there is always a disagreement, or argument that normally happens either in someone’s comments or in videos, livestreams, etc. But if there is one thing that people can agree on, it’s that they want more renewable energy.

In this article on the Reuters Fact Check blog titled Solar Energy Shines in Global Survey with 68% support. The article talks about the results of a survey conducted by the Glacalites in collaboration with advocacy groups Global Citizen and The Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty. The post specifically links the survey, and within that link is the summary of their results and the option to get the whole report for free. The problem is that in 2022 fossil fuels still accounted for 77% of the world’s energy consumption, which is important because scientists say that the world needs to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 43% by 2030 to be able to meet the international Partis Agreement goal.

Another one of Reuter’s articles titled, Renewables growth did not dent fossil fuel dominance in 2022, further goes into detail about the world’s energy consumption, and that even though the growth in the wind and solar power sector, the greenhouse gas emissions increased again. Within this article as well they state again that scientists have stated that we need to cut emissions by 43%. There is also a video included that states the source of where they got the information they are sharing. I would consider this credible news since it shows where they got their information from.

There are many benefits of renewable energy. This article which is also titled Benefits of Renewable Energy would be a credible analysis piece. This article explains why less global warming is important, and the benefits of renewable energy. They show their references at the end and make sure to mention throughout the article where they are getting the information by referencing it throughout the article.

People don’t take the time to fact-check what they’re reading especially if it’s important as the world. Spreading misinformation can cause arguments and disagreements on important issues, which is why it’s important to make sure that what you’re reading is the truth.

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